Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cheap Bazaar

Time to buy the groceries! Yikes! Simply Fresh is just so dayum expensive! Oh dear, this that this that 15 pounds! With that I can buy so much more from Tesco! Anyways, discovered Iceland and Asda after like 7 months! Going there today! Tralalalala!

Update: Bought this from Asda LOL! Reminds me of my brother childhood when I used to steal his food!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Travel Week

On Tuesday afternoon, I reached Victoria Coach Station in London and my friend came to pick me up. When the bus entered the busy streets of London, for sometime I felt as if this city is not that exciting, but later on when we went to south east London for property viewing, we were astonished by the beautiful view of Thames riverside! I loved the DLR stations and the areas like Canada Water and Canary Wharf. Oh dear the apartments are very expensive! Hell lot of money has already been spent, I am worried now. But atleast I have been able to visit all the areas I wanted to!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Architectural Portfolio

For the last month, I have been helping my friend with his architecture portfolio submission which is on 12th of May, but he wants to get done with it by Sunday, that is 9th May. All the models and sketches are made. He is excellent at it! I am working on the maps and editing. So much left to do! Making a good attractive portfolio is tough I must say... There are so many new stuff that I have learnt. The easiest being Google SketchUp and the hardest being AutoCad -_-

Oh yaaa! Forgot to tell, my parents are moving to London and I am searching for a nice 2/3 bedroom house with a garden. After 12th May, I am going to London for some house viewing.