Thursday, July 21, 2011

Upgrading Time!

I went to the centrum to look around and I saw these two nice tops. I love the brown one specially because I never had one like that! I look a little round because of my tummy, but I hope to thin down by the end of the summer. I bought a yearly card for gymming at SATS. I am proud of that! The headphones were just bought because they were on 50% discount, costing only 49kr from Kjell & Company.

Anyways, the day before yesterday, I was searching for jobs at arbetsformedlingen and looked through. Yesterday I finished writing the swedish version of my CV and I sent it to the different arbetsgivare... Today I received a call from one of the least expected ones. She asked me a bunch of questions, asking me why i want to be a personal assistant. I am going for an interview tomorrow. Lets see how it turns out to be!

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