Sunday, July 3, 2011

SummerTime TravelTime!

I really needed to buy a bag - Any bag! My black leather bag tore ... a long time ago, my pink bag is too small, the green bag looks too flashy... and the others are just small small bags and their conditions are not that good either! This bag is perfect for me, specifically the size - I have been using this pink bag for ages back in high school but I threw it before I moved to UK. This one is good as my laptop fits perfectly in it and its pink as well! Hiyaa! And its my favourite colour - Pink!!! Oh yah...I have had this "thing" for the browny browny part of bags and this bag has it! Love the colours.

Today I was out looking around for clothes and all and did some shopping from Tesco - Haha..bought like 15 packets of those 0.19 pound noodles! Tasty Tasty! Cheapy Cheaaapy! Tomorrow I have some important work to do so I'll be out again. The weather is also perfect for me - less sun but still warm enough and a little rain sometimes! And yaa... I have been thinking about the soup diet and thinning down in 2 weeks and then I was like... naaaaah! :p I did this 100 times sit ups and now my armpit and arms hurt for some reason :S Specially my left arm...aaggh...


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