Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Am I lucky?

I still remember those old times back in high school, when I used to alternate between the two ways of going to school - one was by going to Zinkensdamm by train and then take the bus from there; The other being the train going directly to Skanstull. I thought about going to Södra station for the gym but then took the wrong bus and headed towards Hornstull instead. (All this happened a few days ago). I didnt feel like going back, so I went to another branch of the gym instead.

It looks all the same there, the old buildings and the roads. I have come here for 2 years and have had coffee in the cafe's, have had McDonalds and chinese...and so much more. I miss the old days sometimes.

Anyways, am I lucky or what? I got in touch with my friend's older sister, who is like a sister for me too and she got me into a part-time job in London! Omg, she is such a sweetheart - I will always be grateful to her. I will be living with her as well. So yah, life will be great in London but Ill have to struggle a lot. I know nothing about Economics and I need to study hard and work in the weekends. I study at night anyways, so working is not a problem. I need extra money.

The last picture is of two perfumes I got from my mom to take with me. :p

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