Tuesday, December 6, 2011

End of term

Background studying for World Economy portfolio Task 4: International Trade
Wow December is here! It was September when I moved to London! Great. University life has been much better than last year. I find this course very interesting, however, the work load is a lot for me. I have no clue about economics as I have never studied before and I have a stupid tendency of getting confused really easily. Too Bad. Anyways, End of term is almost here- 3weeks left! I have assignments to hand in and two exams coming up. Lots and lots of studying left. I am trying to find a studying strategy- lets see if this works lol. By the way, the internet sucks here at this house. I cant wait to get a new room to rent where the internet works perfect - it has almost turned into a dream... to get better internet. LOL! Lah Lah Lah - Back to studying. Need to finish the reading and start off the portfolio work and tomorrow I've got three seminars. After that, its time to practice maths and start the statistics assignment. Daaaaaaaaaaa!

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