Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Even spookier...

This is how my lunch looked like today! I usually eat the same thing every time I have lunch at Uni because this is the only thing I like from the Store. Yesterday I tried the Salted McCoys, it sucked!

Today I had Mathematics and Statistics. I missed a couple of lectures before, but now I understand all of them, so I am fine. I need a lot of practice thats it.

On my way back home from Uni, I bought my mostly craved Cranberry juice and some other stuff. As soon as I entered the room I realised how messy and dirty it is! I will do all the cleaning tomorrow because its a beloved Wednesday! Yeppers!

OKay, seriously, Doesnt the kitchen look spooky? not because I edited the picture, but it is actually really dark in the kitchen. Everytime I fill up my bottle of water, I take a quick peak through the window and speed walk all the way to my room. Sometimes theres the neighbour's cat jumping over the fence, scaring the hell out of me. Oh... now even the hallway light has fused... Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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