Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bhagat Muthia

Bhagat Muthia is a South Indian Dish and is made out of mashed Chickpeas with a mixture of different South Asian spices and the aromatic flavour and scent of fresh coriander. The amount of chillis added to it, depends from people to people and I decided not to add any, Maybe because I could find the chillis in the fridge! Haha but anyways. Some gram flour is added to the mixture in order to make it hold tight and then cooked.

  • I was happy to be able to make a new dish! Specially because it is something I have never eaten it before!
  • It tasted well, not that special, but it was okay. 
  • Added too much gram flour which is why it had a specific floury smell that I didnt like. Next time, I will put less of that and add fresh chillis.
Overall rating: 6.5/10 

20 minute Pizza Delimma

  • Two friends were at my place, had to make something fast and different. 
  • It tasted "okay"
  • Got full
  • Pizza dough was made wrong!
  • It got burnt on top and the bread was uncooked.
  • The tomato paste tasted sour
Rating: 4.5/10

Friday, January 27, 2012

Doodle doo!

Oh did I forget to show my new bag from Disney? Isnt it cute? Its a gift! YAAAAY!
Wierd as usual!
I have been getting mixed feelings again. Yes! I didnt know what to do, so I continued watching desperate housewives and then went to the kitchen to watch some TV and there I saw this glamourous Lady and her documented lifestyle. Baaaaaaam! Thats when it stroke! I have to fix my eye brows tomorrow! I have been yibber yabbering about it for ages now. So I ran upstairs to tha bathroom and finally managed to put the face mask on and wash my face with ice cold water. Oh God I feel so fresh! Tomorrow, some friends are coming over and I have been thinking of some different dishes to cook. I have been cooking the same old chicken for so long! Im tired of it. And yah I went to the NHS today to get registered with a GP and do some testing! I have been feeling so weak lately. I need advice!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Latest updates!

I ate at a turkish restuarant in Forest Hill and it was so tasty OMG! Loved it. So filling as well.

I cooked this a couple of days ago as lunch for me and my friend. Yum its was!

I cooked this last night! My housemate liked the rice so much, that I offered some! Today morning, I had parathe with the leftover chicken and noodles as well. Oh yum yum. Good brunch I must say!

My sweetie got it's first sponge bath at home and was wrapped with my cute hello kitty towel. It sat in there for a while, but just when curiosity stroke, it jumped out of it, and then out my bed and ran around in the room. haha

Oh tonight, I fixed the space for it to sleep. I bought more hay and a eating tray and some fresh parsley. It loves playing with toilet rolls!

Cute, right?

Fluffy the rabbit!

Hey Everyone! Today I'm posting my first video blog and it is of my first non bird pet, lol, a rabbit. I named it (I dont know the sex, so calling "It") Fluffy and it is a crazy bunny I must say! The rabbits I have seen mostly sit quietly in their cages as if they are depressed but my one is very adventurous! It hops over the wall or manages to push through somehow and wonder about in my room. The last time I allowed it to do it, it pooped all over my floor and believe me, it was bad! I cleaned and vacuumed and now it is out again and now trying to go back in! Haha. It found the bag of fresh parsley and digged into. Haha little thief! I just carried it in and gave it some more food. Once its done eating, it goes mad! Started running and playing all over and stands on its own legs, searching for more. Its so cute, I feel like feeding more and more but I cant do it, or else it will turn into a fat and lazy one!

Anyways, it ate a lot of cucumber today! Too much for a baby rabbit. I have to stick to the pellets more, from now own and use the fresh veggies as rewards, until it grow older.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I deserve sweets now!

Yum it was! Yesterday's lunch. Pasta salad with french dressing. I got tired of caeser!
Oh look! What do we have here? My sweet landlord gave me free hangers! :p
This is probably the cutest key ring I ever bought. Hats off for clairs!
Evening snack for today! Green tea and some pretzels (Is that what it is called? no clue) YUM!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesdays No-uni-days

I look all bloated up in the picture, yes! because I have slept too much. I never liked the idea of sleeping more than 8 hours, I feel very wierd after that, for the rest of the day, or maybe because my room is a little hot. Started the day off with coffee and the next thing I did was looking at my "daily" made memory card (or..thats what I call it?) and I have a number of things to do, including paying rent, get my books, print notes from BlackBoard and practice Chapter 10 for Maths (Arithmetic and Geometric Series, not that hard, Wousssh!) and then end the day with the movie 2012, that I have been willing to watch since yesterday. Oh and yes, I bought a new bag from Clairs, Its not the type I always liked, its big and shiny, Hmm giving clues? Wait for the picture to get uploaded sometime in the evening when I feel bored enough to click one! For now, adioz!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Starting a healthier lifestyle!

I have finally moved to the place I have wanted to live in! I am extremely happy and am very tired as well due to all the shopping and walking here and there. Whenever I try to find a different route to my house, I keep getting lost, like this evening! Haha, anyways, I had to walk all the way back and then take the usual path. I am cutting off fast food, so last night I had all the KFC I could have! -zinger burger, yummie! Anyways, I bought fresh salad vegetables and noodles and thought of starting the brown diet- yes, finally! The brown pasta and spaghetti! - less of beef and chicken. Less of meat that is! And low fat pasta sauce, low fat milk and what not. I bought fish as well! And I am going to minimise the consumption of rice. Eh, gives me the belly! I am not hyper about getting all thin and slim, but just want a healthier diet. I need to get more energetic and not lazy, as I need to get a lot of studying done this year! Goodbye to laziness! I also bought a 5-month gym membership and am going to start tomorrow! Oh I am already excited.

The picture on top was my lunch and the picture on the bottom is my dinner right now! I swear I didnt have anything else, like chocolates or any other chumchums! Except for a Dragonfruit flavoured Vitamin Water! I swear!!!!

OOps I forgot! UPDATE! : I had two small bananas as a evening snack along with a cup of coffee! Hehe!