Monday, January 9, 2012

Starting a healthier lifestyle!

I have finally moved to the place I have wanted to live in! I am extremely happy and am very tired as well due to all the shopping and walking here and there. Whenever I try to find a different route to my house, I keep getting lost, like this evening! Haha, anyways, I had to walk all the way back and then take the usual path. I am cutting off fast food, so last night I had all the KFC I could have! -zinger burger, yummie! Anyways, I bought fresh salad vegetables and noodles and thought of starting the brown diet- yes, finally! The brown pasta and spaghetti! - less of beef and chicken. Less of meat that is! And low fat pasta sauce, low fat milk and what not. I bought fish as well! And I am going to minimise the consumption of rice. Eh, gives me the belly! I am not hyper about getting all thin and slim, but just want a healthier diet. I need to get more energetic and not lazy, as I need to get a lot of studying done this year! Goodbye to laziness! I also bought a 5-month gym membership and am going to start tomorrow! Oh I am already excited.

The picture on top was my lunch and the picture on the bottom is my dinner right now! I swear I didnt have anything else, like chocolates or any other chumchums! Except for a Dragonfruit flavoured Vitamin Water! I swear!!!!

OOps I forgot! UPDATE! : I had two small bananas as a evening snack along with a cup of coffee! Hehe!

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