Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesdays No-uni-days

I look all bloated up in the picture, yes! because I have slept too much. I never liked the idea of sleeping more than 8 hours, I feel very wierd after that, for the rest of the day, or maybe because my room is a little hot. Started the day off with coffee and the next thing I did was looking at my "daily" made memory card (or..thats what I call it?) and I have a number of things to do, including paying rent, get my books, print notes from BlackBoard and practice Chapter 10 for Maths (Arithmetic and Geometric Series, not that hard, Wousssh!) and then end the day with the movie 2012, that I have been willing to watch since yesterday. Oh and yes, I bought a new bag from Clairs, Its not the type I always liked, its big and shiny, Hmm giving clues? Wait for the picture to get uploaded sometime in the evening when I feel bored enough to click one! For now, adioz!

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  1. I can sleep all the time and not feel weird!


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