Monday, April 30, 2012

Hot weather Fat jacket

I was really scared about the exam today, thinking that it will be unimaginably hard. I thought I won't even pass. I solved the first problem, then the second, then third, then fourth, got stuck at five six and seven haha, and then solved 8 and 9. Anyways I am feeling good. The next exam is Statistical Methods in Economics and this time I am going to study every chapter properly. Hmm!

I am at my friends house now. It took me around 20 minutes just to walk around the block and try to find the house. I had my laptop on my backpack so my shoulders were aching like mad. Oh I can smell good Desi food. YUM!

I didnt sleep at all last night, so Im going to sleep off early tonight and spend the whole day studying tomorrow. Yes yes yes!

By the way, my lovely readers! Check for the lovely sales. I wish I could order everything I put up there in the picture :(

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