Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Low BP

From weheartit
5 exams finished, 3 more to go. On 14th it is: Mathematical Methods in Economics and Business II. There are 7 chapters and I just started my revision right now. I am going to practice 4 chapters tonight and finish the rest of the 5 tomorrow. Im so glad I bought aubergine today after such a long time. Lol. I love aubergine with rice : my absolute favourite!

By the way, today morning, just before the Principles of Economics exam, I got a panic attack thinking that I will fail the module. I started thinking of what not!! It felt as if I'll never be able to be successful in life and that I'll end up being a housewife... I felt so down and sad for a while... And oh yah, I got a low blood sugar attack on the bus and therefore had to lay down on two seats and breathe heavily. I hate these attacks. I was starving. Tomorrow, Ill select my modules for the second year. Im still confused between International Finance and Capital Markets :/

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