Monday, January 23, 2012

Fluffy the rabbit!

Hey Everyone! Today I'm posting my first video blog and it is of my first non bird pet, lol, a rabbit. I named it (I dont know the sex, so calling "It") Fluffy and it is a crazy bunny I must say! The rabbits I have seen mostly sit quietly in their cages as if they are depressed but my one is very adventurous! It hops over the wall or manages to push through somehow and wonder about in my room. The last time I allowed it to do it, it pooped all over my floor and believe me, it was bad! I cleaned and vacuumed and now it is out again and now trying to go back in! Haha. It found the bag of fresh parsley and digged into. Haha little thief! I just carried it in and gave it some more food. Once its done eating, it goes mad! Started running and playing all over and stands on its own legs, searching for more. Its so cute, I feel like feeding more and more but I cant do it, or else it will turn into a fat and lazy one!

Anyways, it ate a lot of cucumber today! Too much for a baby rabbit. I have to stick to the pellets more, from now own and use the fresh veggies as rewards, until it grow older.

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