Monday, January 23, 2012

Latest updates!

I ate at a turkish restuarant in Forest Hill and it was so tasty OMG! Loved it. So filling as well.

I cooked this a couple of days ago as lunch for me and my friend. Yum its was!

I cooked this last night! My housemate liked the rice so much, that I offered some! Today morning, I had parathe with the leftover chicken and noodles as well. Oh yum yum. Good brunch I must say!

My sweetie got it's first sponge bath at home and was wrapped with my cute hello kitty towel. It sat in there for a while, but just when curiosity stroke, it jumped out of it, and then out my bed and ran around in the room. haha

Oh tonight, I fixed the space for it to sleep. I bought more hay and a eating tray and some fresh parsley. It loves playing with toilet rolls!

Cute, right?

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